Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC)

DOCDOC is the Dissolved Organic Carbon level in a sample of water and is usually given in mg/l. The s::can UV and UV/Vis sensors can provide a surrogate reading of the DOC using correlations between spectral factors and the laboratory DOC. The s::can global cals for DOC are specific for different water types as each major water type contains different fundamental compound groups. As with many standard methods parameters its use depends on the application and often more useful information can be provided by the s::can system. Since the UV/Vis spectrum is the sum of the absorptions of the different dissolved compounds, detail on the concentration of different groups of organic compounds is usually available in addition to the DOC equivalent.

DCM specialises in providing such breakdowns and this is the basis for much of the work done and capability available in automated source selection, cost to treat management, automated predictive coagulation control (com::pass), DBP prediction and measurement, chlorine demand and biofilm growth areas.

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