Disinfection Byproduct (DBP)

Detection and Quantification

Disinfection ByproductDisinfection byproducts caused by interactions of primarily halogens like bromine and chlorine (plus chloramine in chloraminated systems) with organic compounds in drinking water can be problematic. Laboratory testing is expensive and difficult to interpret in many cases due to the changing drivers for DBP formation.

DCM has completed extensive research with recognised experts in this field to verify the ability of DCM algorithms in conjunction with s::can hardware to detect and quantify the organic precursors for DBP formation. This means DCM and s::can can indicate the potential to form DPB’s in a source water allowing you to add this criteria to automated source water selection criteria in addition to cost to treat (insert link to cost to treat) . Additional measurement at the point of disinfection and in the distribution system itself allows direct quantification of the THM and HAA levels occurring in real time.

For a clear indication of what DCM can provide for specific applications in the water industry we invite you to contact us.


Info Sheet - Disinfection By-Product Management (DBP)

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