Coagulation Control (Com::pass)

Raw water from a forest covered catchment is likely to have a high concentration of aquatic fulvic and humic acids caused by decaying leaf matter. The fulvic and humic acids present will strongly influence coagulant demand and therefore coagulant dose.

Com::pass is an advanced coagulant control system, suitable for use with any metal based coagulant. It uses the online measurements of inlet water turbidity and UV-VIS spectral analysis provided by the s::can spectro::lyser™ to predict the coagulant dose required to achieve treatment aims.

Com::pass can be set by the user to operate in either conventional coagulation mode which will achieve particulate removal targets in the most economic manner, or in enhanced coagulation mode which will provide the maximum removal of natural organic matter.

Com::pass runs within the s::can con::stat™ unit, which generates an output of the required coagulant dose for input in to the plant control system. This form of process control is referred to as “Feed Forward” or “predictive” control. It is a proactive means of process control since the plant is being told how to operate based on a measurement of inlet conditions. Feed forward control offers many advantages over the more traditional manual and “Feedback” control method, which is reactive.

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