Dissolved Oxygen (D.O.)

The s::can oxi::lyser - Optical Oxygen - Plug & Measure

Aeration Tank

s::can oxi::lyser utilizes the latest technology for measurement of Dissolved Oxygen and temperature. The oxi::lyser is an optical multi-parameter probe that measures directly in the water. It does not need a minimum flow to produce accurate readings and integrates the temperature measurement for On-Line correction. Minimal conventional calibration and virtually zero maintenance.

Applications for Waste Water
  • Industrial Waste Monitoring (influent, aeration tank, effluent)
  • Providing measurement in concentrated industrial waste through to final effluent mf/RO applications
  • Inlet load monitoring to indutrial and municipal WWTPs
  • Feed forward control of chemical dosing to DAF and other treatment processes
  • Control of carbon dosing and denitrification systems
  • Monitoring for compliance of discharges to the environment.
  • Plug & Measure
  • Long-Term-Stability
  • Works-Calibrated
  • In-situ & online monitoring
  • Automatic cleaning device using compressed air
  • Almost zero maintenance
  • No flow rate required
  • Requires no chemicals
  • Portable
  • On board data logging
  • Simple data transfer to Excel
  • Auto compensation: Temperature
Installation Options
  • Bypass
  • Pipe
  • Channel
  • Tank
  • In-bore

If there are any questions or if you want more information about your specific wastewater situation please contact us.