Automated Coagulant Dosing for Phosphorous Removal

Com::pass CPR

Com::pass in conjunction with an s::can spectro::lyser accurately and continuously measures the coagulant demand exerted by the other constituents in the wastewater and uses either the output of an existing ortho P analyser or a surrogate parameter for ortho P from the s::can UV-Vis unit to calculate the needed coagulant. The Metal Ionadded:Premoved for a given site can then be accurately controlled.

Com::pass CPR is an online coagulant dose controller. It will
automatically control the coagulant dose to achieve effluent phosphate limits by providing a predicted coagulant mass dose output (mg/L) to the plant control system. This needs to be converted to a volumetric dose using the plant flow. The coagulant dose pumps are then controlled to deliver the required volumetric coagulant dose. Alternatively a flow signal can be taken directly into the s::can controller and the dosing system can be controlled directly by the com::pass package.

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