There are many problems in efficiently reading what is in wastewater because there are so many different parameters that vary with each sample that can all lead to different environmental problems. To make the process more efficient it would be ideal to be able to measure and analyse the many fluctuations in your individual wastewater sample.

DCM processes can supply the equipment that would help measure these fluctuations. We can provide measurement tools and monitoring systems that allow effective reading of various parameters such as ammonia, nitrate and phosphorus. Information like this is helpful in showing:

  • Problematic elements in wastewater
  • Prevention of environmental problems
  • Reducing time and cost in measurement process
  • Continuous monitoring of difficult fluctuations
  • Maximise treatment efficiency

We can provide the instruments, installation, maintenance and online monitoring systems that are required in this process, along with extensive knowledge and experience that has been gained from many years of working in the business.