uv::lyser ll

UvlyserThe uv::lyser provides absorption at 254nm, either with or without turbidity compensation. Furthermore, depending on the application, it also measures turbidity or solids. The uv::lyser provides cost effective but accurate and precise instrument for applications in surface water, ground water, drinking water and wastewater.

  • s::can plug & measure
  • measuring principle: UV-Vis spectrometry
  • multiparameter probe
  • ideal for surface water, ground water, drinking water and waste water
  • uv::lyser ll monitors turbidity & UV254 or AFS & UV254
  • long term stable and maintenance free in operation
  • factory precalibrated
  • automatic cleaning with compressed air
  • mounting and measurement directly in the media (InSitu) or in Bypass (monitoring station)
  • operation via s::can terminals & s::can software