fluor::lyser II

FluorilyserThe fluor::lyser is an ion-selective measuring device designed for the continuous monitoring of the concentration of fluor (F) dissolved in water. Also the instrument continuously measures the temperature of the medium and corrects the measured concentration accordingly. For proper usage the probe has to be connected to an s::can controller, i.e. a con::stat.

  • s::can plug & measure

  • measuring principle: ISE (ionenselektive elektrodes)
  • fluor::lyser II monitors fluoride and temperature
  • cross sensitivities: OH- (at >pH8), Al3+, Ca2+, Fe3+, Si4+ (in typical drinking water cross sensitivities are not a problem)
  • [multiparameter probe]
  • long term stable, factory precalibrated
  • automatic cleaning with compressed air
  • easy and quick mounting and measurement directly in the media (InSitu) or in Bypass (monitoring station)
  • operation via s::can terminals & s::can software
  • ideal for drinking water
  • minimal maintenance

Product sheet for the fluorlyser™ (PDF)

Includes specifications

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