carbo::lyser™ ll / lll


The carbo::lyser is ideal for the measurement of the organic carbon load, represented by parameters like SAC, T(D)OC, COD, or BOD, and at the same time, turbidity / solids concentration. Applicability ranges from pure water to industrial waste waters. Pre-calibrations for different waters and applications significantly facilitate use.

  • s::can plug & measure
  • measuring principle: UV-Vis spectrometry
  • multiparameter probe
  • carbo::lyser™ll monitors TSS & UV254 or TSS & COD or TSS & BOD or TSS & TOC or TSS & DOC
  • carbo::lyser™lll monitors TSS & UV254 & UV254t or TSS & COD &BOD or TSS & TOC & DOC
  • long term stable and maintenance free in operation
  • factory precalibrated
  • automatic cleaning with compressed air
  • mounting and measurement directly in the media (InSitu) or in Bypass (monitoring station)
  • operation via s::can terminals & s::can software
  • automatic compensation of cross sensitivities
  • applications in surface water, ground water, drinking water and waste water

Product sheet for the carbo::lyser™ II/III (PDF)

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