ana::lyte - Standard Process Software

The ana::lyte software was specifically developed for the operation of all s::can spectrometer probes, all s::can ISE probes and all s::can sensors. The operating software ana::lyte is used when an s::can con::stat or a local PC / notebook connected to a con::nect is used as controller. The ana::lyte software has already been fully installed on any s::can con::stat supplied.


  • software for user-friendly operation of s::can monitoring systems
  • display of up to 8 parameters
  • configuration and calibration of s::can spectrometer probe, s::can ISE probe and s::can sensors
  • operation of up to 8 s::can monitoring devices
  • clearly presented display and graphical visualisation of measurement results
  • uncomplex spectral analysis with zoom and scroll functions
  • I/O configuration for additional gateways
  • result files MS Excel compatible
  • automatic functional check of complete s::can monitoring system

Product sheet for the ana::lyte™ (PDF)

Includes specifications

Size 181 KB