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...water analysis - compact and easy like never before

Main Features of the Monitoring Station

  • Integrated
    • One terminal for all sensors and interfaces.
  • Plug & Measure
    • Just connect the local waterpipe, switch on the power, and start to measure.
  • Cost Efficient
    • No reagents. No replacement parts except membranes of the ISEs. Manual or automatic cleaning. Minimum maintenance hours.
  • Most Comprehensive Contamination Warning System
    • Inline with EPA Guidance on Planning for Contamination Warning System Deployment, May 2007.
  • Modular
    • Select any modules/parameter combination you need. A solution for every budget. Simply add more modules whenever you need to.
  • Minimal Maintenance
    • The maintenance interval of a station is dependent on its weakest link. We just do not allow any weak link. Remote maintenance reduces field visits to a minimum. 1 visit/month is sufficient for many applications.
  • Reduces complexity to an absolute minimum
    • One software, one user interface, one data format, one remote access tool for an unbelievable range of parameters.
  • Compact
    • The most compact station for analytical parameters in the world.
  • BypassLine
    • Service any sensor without interrupting the flow.
  • Minimises the need for local infrastructure
    • No need anymore to build houses, chambers or containers. Just put your modules into a waterproof cabinet. Requires only 10% of the space of conventional analyser stations.
  • Flexible
    • Attach the modules on a flat wall, around the corner, put them in a cabinet or install them in a field enclosure.
  • Uniform Flow-Through Cells
    • Allows simple and fast ordering, exchange and maintenance of sensors.

Product Sheet for WQMS (PDF)

Includes specifications

Info sheet for WQMS (PDF)