Dairy Waste

  • DairyInstant loss recognition
  • Product recovery
  • Reduced disposal costs
  • Identify process issues

Wastewater from manufacturing plants in the dairy industry has changed as the industry has grown. Larger sites combined with a wider range of products (and therefore by-products) produced mean that there is now an advantage in being able to define and separate the sources for waste processing, reuse, treatment and disposal. These organic components often include elements such as protein, lactose, fat and nitrate. Poor treatment due to stock loadings result in excessive concentrations of these in waterways mean oxygen depletion and plant growth (algae) can reach undesirable levels.

DCM can help prevent this by qualifying the different components if your wastewater in real time using a combination of state of the art analytical instruments and our highly valued technical knowledge, gained from many years experience in the industry.

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