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Research Paper

  1. Using online UV/Vis monitoring to predict coagulant dosing


  • Australia is currently suffering from drought followed by flooding, this has fairly large impact on treatment plant operations. Murray River is the main water source for South Australia, the water quality can vary considerably and like many surface water sources, quality is generally subject to seasonal trends and short term variability.
  • With greater public expectation and tightening of guidelines, better tools are required to help assist plant operators maintain high quality drinking water. Morgan water treatment plant (W TP), located 140 km from Adelaide, South Australia, operates predominantly overnight to take advantage of off-peak electricity, however the stop/start practices add additional complication to accurate coagulant dosing. While the plant has historically produced consistent water quality, this has required high levels of expertise and experience on the part of plant operators. Online monitoring and feed forward coagulant demand prediction is ideal in these situations as it can be easily interpreted and provides chemical dosing information before the water is treated, unlike feedback (post-coagulation) control achieved with traditional dosing control methods...........

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