Data Supply

What is Data Supply?

DCM Process Control installs concentration sensing equipment and provides on-line concentration and composition data plus reporting on any water or wastewater application.

Data is provided on short to long term contract for characterisation, optimisation or detection of suspected or known events in any water or wastewater.

Parameters available range from carbon parameters such as DOC, COD, BOD to nutrients such as ammonia and nitrate, solids as turbidity, MLSS, TSS, through to parameters like chlorine, pH conductivity etc.

What benefits does this provide over traditional sampling methods?

  • Large detailed data on all compositional variations and the duration of those variations
  • Data suitable for driving dynamic models
  • True variability for accurate sizing of processing elements or computing effects of changes
  • Minimal cost for even long term studies
  • Lab validation of parameter data
  • Ability to test proposed control strategies
  • Identify and separate resolvable variability prior to system design/build

Inlet Channel to Primary

What is involved?

If you believe you have an application which might benefit from such data, a form to complete is sent which enables us to determine what equipment is involved and what is involved in installation/removal and support. A quotation is provided and a time frame for install specified.

On quotation approval, the systems are installed by DCM technicians into applications ranging from rivers, bores, reservoirs and water treatment plants through to industrial processes, drains, sewers, wet wells and anywhere on wastewater treatment plants.

On line data is validated against lab samples which are drawn at times of maximum compositional and concentration variation. This is indicated by the instruments rather than random samples being drawn which may have little variation and provide no validation benefit. This ensures lab sample number is minimised while providing the maximum validation of the on line data.

Data is automatically downloaded and processed via 3G modem by DCM with reporting on an agreed time base. Maintenance of equipment is on an as needed basis since DCM has direct contact with the systems at all times. Customers can obtain direct access to data with the potential to provide SMS alerts to designated customer staff when predetermined conditions are present or on auto sampling being initiated by the systems in the field.

If you would like more information, or believe that our services would be beneficial to you please contact us.