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Why should online sensors still be complicated to use today? They can be as simple as a modern smart phone. Running our new moni::tool software package on your smart phone / PDA / iPhone will open your horizon.


We are never satisfied with what is said to be "state-of-the-art". There is always a better solution compared to what is on the market today, especially if the target is simplicity, intelligence, user-friendliness, and reliability. We watch with the operator´s eye, and we think with the inventor´s brain. Result is sometimes groundbreaking inventions, but sometimes it just takes small clever adaptations that can make life so much easier. Close to 20% of our revenues go into R+D, and we believe we have the most powerful team of developers and inventors in the whole industry. Innovation is where you will always find s::can.


We do not just talk about it, we live it. One of our principles: We try to understand the customer´s application, and then offer the lowest cost solution that fully satisfies our customer´s needs, always. I, Andreas Weingartner, care personally that our sales network world wide understands and lives this, sometimes even against quite some opposition. However, a sales organisation that does not comply to this principle will not be able to partner with s::can. Another principle is our dedication to customer support. Once you have paid your invoice, you are not left alone like with other suppliers. We support you until you are 100% satisfied, and s::can works support teams are available almost 24/7 world wide, and will answer all your questions within an extremely tight schedule. Then, we do not hide problems, we point at them, and do not take a rest before we have resolved them. Have you ever seen our commissioning reports, service reports, field visit reports, or monthly reports that we deliver as part of our service contracts: They are of scientific quality, as it is mostly engineer-scientists who support you in your applications. You will understand what we mean with integrity.

For more information about s::can see their website www.s-can.at.