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Com::pass is an advanced coagulant control system for water and wastewater


About Com::pass

Com::pass is an advanced coagulant control system, suitable for use with any metal based coagulant. It uses the on-line measurements of inlet water turbidity and UV-VIS spectral analysis provided by the s::can Spectro::lyser™ to predict the coagulant dose required to achieve treatment aims.

Com::pass can be set by the user to operate in either Conventional coagulation mode which will achieve particulate removal targets in the most economic manner, or in Enhanced coagulation mode which will provide the maximum removal of natural organic matter.

The tighter process control provided by Com::pass means that coagulant doses can be reduced by greater than 15% when operating in Conventional mode. It also results in more stable plant performance. When operating in Enhanced mode the removal of coagulable organics across the plant is maximized in the most cost effective manner and this can reduce the likelihood of forming disinfection by-products (DBPs).


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Benefits of Com::pass

Conventional mode:

  • Max turbidity removal - all conditions
  • Very low metal residuals
  • Longer filter run times
  • Reduced sludge load
  • Reduced chemical costs

Enhanced mode:

  • No compromise on turbidity removal
  • Max removal of coagulable organics
  • Reduced chlorine demand
  • Reduced risk of DBP formation
  • More stable chlorine residuals

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