About DCM

DCM Process Control supplies high quality nutrient data under contract in addition to sales of the equipment and specialist knowledge to the water and wastewater industries for process control and monitoring purposes. We have in-depth knowledge and understanding of water and wastewater treatment and we regularly publish and present our findings.

We can provide you with solutions for effective and efficient control and process monitoring of your application using data supplied by state of the art analysers.

DCM can provide instruments for purchase or with attractive data supply alternatives - whichever gives you the best economic outcome and fits your budgetry constraints. We can provide you with short term or long term contacts to supply data for a range of parameters using our equipment that is installed, operated and maintained, temporarily or permanently, at your site by our service staff. Mobile monitoring stations can be constructed to allow you to use the same instruments at different sites.

Alternatively we can supply the equipment and assist with ongoing implementation of advanced monitoring and process control functions using the new data.

DCM provides a complete support system for all our instruments including various maintanance contracts and loan equipment when yours needs repair.

Explore this website for an appreciation of just how versatile these instruments are. Refer to our extensive collection of Application Papers. All research done to produce these Applications Papers has been done in Australia and New Zealand and relates to Australasian conditions and experience in the water and wastewater treatment industries. Call us to arrange a site visit, that you may see the instruments in operation or to speak to people who are using them.

At DCM we know how to use the instruments to improve the operation of your processes and to take the guesswork out of water and wastewater.

Who's Who?

Meet some of our talented DCM staff:

Rob Dexter

Rob Dexter

Director Research and Development

Founder of DCM

Rob has worked in the water and wastewater industry in New Zealand and Australia for over 20 years. Rob’s passion for the environment combined with his experience and knowledge make him a very persuasive advocate for effective process control. Our suppliers value Rob's experience in the industry and he regularly presents training sessions and seminars for other distributors around the world. Rob looks after sales and providing process control solutions in New Zealand and Australia.

Kevin Watson

Kevin Watson

Director and co-founder of DCM New Zealand

Kevin is responsible for co-ordination of installations, repairs, maintenance contracts and generally oversees the technical side in New Zealand. Kevin has an electrical engineering background and enjoys the problem solving aspect of his job. 

Tara Okan

Tara Okan, Water Scientist / Sales

Alan Neethling

Alan Neethling, Area Manager

James Laverty

James Laverty, Area Manager

Luke Sutherland Stacey

Luke Sutherland-Stacey, Research and Development


Conor Watson, Technical Support


Jan Richards, Office Manager


Jonquil Hyett, Administration/Accounts